Your Guide to Our Calendar

Here in Haida Gwaii, the weather and the tides guide much of our life. We're required to be flexible, and our calendar works in much the same way. When flipping through, please keep the following points in mind. 

  • Days with events are the days that we have a scheduled tour, and we'd like you to join! Sometimes, the destination will be set - a K'uuna Tour, for example. Other times, you'll get to choose where we go. Click on the calendar event for details on the number of spaces available, and the destination options. 
  • Empty days are days that we do not have a tour planned. If you'd like to travel with us on one of these days, get in touch. We can either organize a custom tour, or add in another scheduled tour. 
  • HSE booked days are the days that our company is fully booked. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate you on those dates.