About Haida Style

In welcoming you to our backyard, we want to introduce you to our home. Haida Style Expeditions is a Haida Owned and Operated cultural adventure & fishing expeditions company on Haida Gwaii that shares our culture, stories, and history with you. In doing this, we seek to provide an authentic aboriginal experience.

The owners of Haida Style are identical twin brothers Sk’aal Ts’iid (Flicker Bird - James Douglas Cowpar) and Kung X angajii (Moonshadow - William Shawn Cowpar). Born into the Tsaahl Eagle Clan, we offer a combined 35 years in the tourism industry. Our backgrounds in the commercial & recreational fishing industry, forestry, and community governance have shaped our belief in building a sustainable future on Haida Gwaii.

Living on Haida Gwaii requires a balance, a symbiotic relationship between human beings and the natural environment. In sharing our history and way of life, it is our hope that we continue to build on conversation and protect the natural world in trust for future generations.

Offering day tours through Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve has been a long-standing dream of ours, formed during years spent working in the region.

In 2000, after completing a diploma in Adventure Eco-Tourism/Small Business, we started off with a small fleet of kayaks. Over the course of the next 10 years we moved into the sport fishing industry. After years of educating the masses on Haida protocols on fishing, with scales growing behind the ears, we then made the jump into cultural eco-tourism and met the requirements as a registered guide operator with Gwaii Haanas.

In 2012, we expanded by purchasing a Titan 240Xl zodiac. After years of researching what would work best on our waters we decided on an open zodiac for cultural adventure tours. And so it began, in welcoming the world to our backyard, guests had the option to learn more about our beautiful island that we call home.

People are like trees, and groups of people are like the forests. While the forests are composed of many different kinds of trees, these trees intertwine their roots so strongly that it is impossible for the strongest winds which blow on out island to uproot the forest, for each tree strengthens its neighbour, and their roots are inextricably intertwined.

In the same way the people of our Islands, composed of members of nations and races from all over the world, are beginning to intertwine their roots so strongly that no troubles will affect them.

Just as one tree standing alone would soon be destroyed by the first strong wind which came along, so it is impossible for any person, any family, or any community to stand alone against the troubles of this world.
— Chief Skidegate - Lewis Collinson. March 1966.

The Owners


James Cowpar

Avid outdoorsman, identical twin, I enjoy sharing my culture with guests from around the world. In continuing to learn, through reciprocity and the protocols that bind us, I have built my life around the principle of Yahguudang, respect for all living things. In welcoming you to our backyard, we seek to educate our guests on our way of life.

Shawn Cowpar

I am an outdoorsman and provider. Whether it is fishing or tour guiding around Haida Gwaii, I enjoy sharing my cultural experiences with others.


Our Team of Local Guides

Our guides are all local to Haida Gwaii. Each brings a different set of skills and experiences to our tours, providing an authentic experience for our guests. Some have up to 15 years experience with recreational and commercial fishing, while others have served as Watchmen and tour guides throughout Gwaii Haanas. On all our tours, Haida Style Expeditions ensures safety and wilderness requirements are met, including: MED A1, A2, A3, Wilderness First Aid, Radio Operator, Small Vessel Certification.


Nestaquana // Jags Brown

Storyteller & Photographer

I am an Eagle from the Juus Xaayda clan. My English name is Jags Brown. I am the owner of Jags Beanstalk, a bistro and guest house in the village of Skidegate.

I enjoy running, studying Haida History, photography and making coffee.

Jaylene Shelford

Youth  & Cultural Guide

Jaylene is a young singer, storyteller, and cultural guide from Haida Gwaii.

Cohen Isberg


As an interpreter and performer, I share the natural beauty and traditions that have taken place on the ancestral land of my people. I have the wonderful opportunity to invite our guests to join me and learn a Haida song and dance in the same villages that people have been singing in for thousands of years. I enjoy taking our guests through villages, teaching about the beautiful poles that have been standing for centuries As an interpreter with Haida Style Expeditions I share the unique and supernatural story of the dazzling islands at the edge of the world.


James Dean McGuire

 Cultural Guide

Musician/Dancer Extraordinaire

Skedans Clan

Nang Ḵ'uulas - Patrick Shannon

Cultural Guide

Nang Ḵ'uulas is a filmmaker, photographer, and storyteller from Skidegate, Haida Gwaii.



Leonard Arens-Cultural Guide & Captain

Our Partners


We have built Haida Style Expeditions on a system of values, with the art of exchange at its core. This value is central to our culture, and we believe it runs from the traditional potlatch system through to how we conduct our business.

In giving back, we are helping to improve tourism on Haida Gwaii. We work with a local network of operators, and we will happily provide solid recommendations on where to stay, dine, and which sites to visit while on island.

We work hard to make your trip a memorable one, helping you to enjoy as many opportunities as possible while on island.  Our goal is to have you walk away having learned a story about our people and these lands we have called home for thousands of years.

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#2 Second Beach, Office #606, P.O. Box 1771 Skidegate B.C V0T 1S1

 Phone: (250) 637-1151

Email: haidastyle@gmail.com