The Owners


James Cowpar

Avid outdoorsman, identical twin, I enjoy sharing my culture with guests from around the world. In continuing to learn, through reciprocity and the protocols that bind us, I have built my life around the principle of Yahguudang, respect for all living things. In welcoming you to our backyard, we seek to educate our guests on our way of life.

Shawn Cowpar

I am an outdoorsman and provider. Whether it is fishing or tour guiding around Haida Gwaii, I enjoy sharing my cultural experiences with others.


Our Team of Local Guides

Our guides are all local to Haida Gwaii. Each brings a different set of skills and experiences to our tours, providing an authentic experience for our guests. Some have up to 15 years experience with recreational and commercial fishing, while others have served as Watchmen and tour guides throughout Gwaii Haanas. On all our tours, Haida Style Expeditions ensures safety and wilderness requirements are met, including: MED A1, A2, A3, Wilderness First Aid, Radio Operator, Small Vessel Certification.

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SG̱aan Kwah.Agang (James Dean McGuire)

 Cultural Guide

Musician/Traditional Dancer/Traditional Singer

Also in Gak’yaals Kiigawaay Raven Clan of K’uuna Llnagaay, James works tirelessly to share his cultural knowledge with Haida People and Visitors to Haida Gwaii. He is a singer and dancer in the Skidegate Dance group Hltaaxuulang Guud Ad K’aaju (Friends Singing Together) and considers this one of the most important things in his life. James is a man if many hats, he plays as the lead singer and guitar player in the Haida punkrock band known as Jason Camp and The Posers. He also helped create the first feature film ever made in the Haida language SG̱aawaay K’uuna (Edge of the Knife) which has been shown at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and has won 2018 Canadian Film of the Year at The Vancouver International Film Festival, and continues to make noise around the film festival circuit. James’ storytelling, cultural knowledge, wealth of understanding, and variety of experience, will make your journey around Haida Territory one that you will never forget. 

Gid yahk’ii (Sean Young)

Cultural Guide

Is part of the Gak’yaals Kiigawaay Raven Clan of K’uuna Llnagaay. He is currently the Collections Curator and Archaeologist at the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay. Sean is an educated and trained archaeologist, and has worked in the field on Haida Gwaii since 1995 and is an instructor for the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society's natural resource studies program.  He has also worked for the Haida Gwaii Watchmen Program since 2004. Sean has an extensive knowledge of the history of the islands, from the creation of Haida Gwaii to the present day, and has a passion for sharing it with guests. 



SG̲aana G̲aahlandaay (Alix Goetzinger)

SG̲aana G̲aahlandaay haan.uu dii kiiGa ga, wagyen Alix yaatsxaayda kihl gii. Kay Llnagaay uu hll chii'akaatl'lxa.

My name is SGaana Gaahlandaay (Spirit of the Killerwhale) and my English name is Alix. My clan came out of the ocean at Kay Llnagaay.

I'm a traditional singer, dancer, weaver, and aspiring storyteller. 

Through sharing songs and oral stories I take our guests on a journey through Haida history that has been documented word for word since the beginning of our existence. 

I enjoy bridging connections to other cultures around the world and creating an open conversation that allows our main Haida law of yahguudang- respect- to guide a better understanding and appreciation for our diverse ways of life.



Leonard Arens-Cultural Guide & Captain

Our Partners