Cultural Tours

A Storytelling Adventure

We take guests out into Gwaii Haanas and beyond on at 28-foot Titan rigid hull inflatable zodiac. No matter where we travel, our day together will be filled with sightseeing, history and adventure. In addition to visiting Haida cultural sites, we will get out of the boat midday for a traditional Haida feast on land, for local salmon and stories. Our boats have forward facing seating and a bathroom on board.

There is something special and unique about each day trip we take, and each destination we visit - and we hope that you'll join us! 

Each summer we visit the following villages

1. Ḵ'uuna (Skedans)

2. G̱andll K’in Gwaay.yaay & Hlk'yah G̱awG̱a (Windy Bay)

3. SG̱ang Gwaay (Ninstints)

4. Ts'aahl (West Coast Tour) 


Please note that if the outside passage is too rough for travel on the water, we will drive from Queen Charlotte to Moresby Camp and take the inside passage (weather permitting).


Ḵ'uuna Llnagaay (Skedans)

This day tour takes you to the village of Ḵ'uuna Llnagaay (Skedans).  We pass through the Laskeek Bay area, where we visit Ḵay (sea lion) rookeries, explore the shoreline, search for taan (bear) and cruise the seas looking for whales. Along the way, our guides will incorporate a combination of storytelling, songs and/or local history, giving guests a unique glimpse into our heritage.

Tour Schedule

Departure: 9am, from the Village of Queen Charlotte dock
Ḵ'uuna: Arrive at approximately 10:30am, and spend 2-3 hours on site
Return: 5-5:30pm at the Village of Queen Charlotte dock


G̱andll K’in Gwaay.yaay (Hotsprings Island) & Hlk'yah G̱awG̱a (Windy Bay)

This day tour takes you to Hlk'yah G̱awG̱a (Windy Bay) and to G̱andll K’in Gwaay.yaay (Hotsprings Island). This area is symbolic to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage site because it was here, in 1985, that the Haida people took a stand against clear cut logging practices in South Moresby. This stand resulted in the creation of Gwaii Haanas, and the erection of the Legacy Pole. 

You will also make a stop at G̱andll K’in Gwaay.yaay (Hotpsrings Island) which commonly provided food to the Haida people, as well as warm waters to comfort, nourish and heal the body and soul. You will have the opportunity to bathe in the springs, which recently returned after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake stop their flow in 2012. If bathing does not appeal to you, the waters of G̱andll K’in have created a unique intertidal environment for you to explore.

 Along the way, our guides will incorporate storytelling, songs, and local history, giving guests a glimpse into our heritage, and how we protect our land and waters.  

Departure: 8am, from the Village of Queen Charlotte dock
G̱andll K’in & Windy Bay: Arrive at G̱andll K’in or Windy Bay (tide dependent), and spend 1.5-2 hours on site.
Return: 6pm, at the Village of Queen Charlotte dock

I just want to say again how much my sister and I appreciated the boat tour yesterday. It was very interesting to learn about Kuuna and the legacy pole at Windy Bay...and wonderful to hear stories from Jags. The trip was the highlight of my sister’s two week visit here. Haawa again-
— Genevieve Gilbert


SG̱ang Gwaay (Ninstints)

This day tour takes you to SGang Gwaay Llnagaay (Ninstints) on Anthony Island. Here, we will walk through the ancient village and UNESCO World Heritage Site, learning about Haida lineages and lifestyles. Given that it is located at the southernmost part of Haida Gwaii, you will also enjoy a zodiac boat ride that traverses the full eastern shoreline of Gwaii Haanas. Along the way, our guides will incorporate storytelling, songs and local history, giving guest a glimpse into our heritage and how we protect our land and waters.

Tour Schedule

Departure: 6:30-7:00 am, from the Village of Queen Charlotte Dock
Stop: 30 minute break along the way, for snacks, bathroom and a stretch
SG̱ang Gwaay: Arrive at approximately 11:30am - 12pm, and spend 2-2.5 hours on site

Stop: 45min-1 hour long stop for dinner on the return journey
Return: 8pm, at the Village of Queen Charlotte dock

Spent 8 hours in a zodiac going to SG̱ang Gwaay in Gwaii Haanas and back with the charming and charismatic Captain James D. Cowpar and Haida Style Expeditions yesterday. Jags Brown, a wealth of everything, including information and stories; Jayleen with her voice and her songs. When I was growing up my father used to say, “See Naples, and die.” I would say, “See SG̱ang Gwaay ) with James and Jags and Jayleen) and die.” Meanwhile, a friend writes: “Is it the poet in you that makes you set off across an untrustworthy sea in an inflatable device to reach another island?” Sinking about this.
— Susan Musgrave
Thank you so much for a most magical day yesterday! Every moment from the moment we stepped into your gear was thoroughly enjoyable. Your spirit and the spirit of the place are truly unique! Haawa!!!
— Rufus Wainwright & friends



(West Coast Tour)

On this tour, travel west from Queen Charlotte through the Skidegate Narrows, scanning the shorelines for taan (black bear). With options to disembark from the boat at Jiina.nga Gandlaay (Government Creek) to explore old growth, check for Tufted Puffins at Marble Island, and visit our family village of Ts'aahl. Home of K'aa Gwaay (Five Fin Sea Monster), at Ts'aahl experience the beauty of ancient totems. On the wild west coast, guests may be greeted by all kinds of marine and terrestrial life who call this place home. Along the way our guides will incorporate storytelling, songs and local history, giving guests a glimpse into our heritage.

Tour Schedule 

Departure: 9am from the Village of Queen Charlotte docks (departure time will depend on tides)
Ts'aahl and/or Kaisun: Arrive at 10:30am and spend 2-3 hours on site
Return: 5-5:30pm at the Queen Charlotte dock

Please note that trip times may vary due to the tides in the east-west narrows and the weather.

What You Should Know

What To Bring?

  • Warm breathable clothing (such as fleece)

  • Personal waterproof footwear

  • Camera

What We Provide?

  • Safety gear: Helly Hansen integrated floater jackets, rain pants and rubber boots. Balaclavas and toques are also provided for extra comfort.

  • Traditional lunch and snacks: BBQ wild salmon, salad, rice and more. We will happily cater to dietary needs and preferences with advance notice.

  • Non-alcoholic beverages: Coffee, tea and water.

Our Vessels

28 foot, Titan rigid hull inflatable zodiac

  • Forward seating with grab bars

  • Seating, 12+ passengers

  • Twin engines

  • Washroom

  • View the specs for our zodiac

30ft Aluminum Closed Cabin with 8x10 deck landing craft tour vessel. 

  • Heated Cabin, Full Head, Bench Seating for 12 passengers, ramp to disembark and side loading capabilities.

Health & Safety

Zodiacs are not recommended for people with back or neck concerns, pregnant women and children under 5 years old. Haida Style will do its best to ensure comfort and safety upon any change in weather conditions. If you are unsure whether a trip will be right for you, please get in touch with us!

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